Revealing 'The Man with the Golden Bum'!

The Man with the Golden Bum

Up Close Theatre is thrilled to present "The Man with the Golden Bum" at this year's Barnstaple TheatreFest in June. This irreverent 'vintage radio mayhem' show promises a whirlwind of fast-paced, side-splitting, bawdy humor!

Crafted with unapologetic wit, the show offers a comedic rollercoaster featuring colorful characters and outrageous scenarios. From eccentric protagonists to zany antagonists, every moment is unpredictable and hilarious.

Building on past successes, Up Close Theatre delivers a daring and fresh take on entertainment. "The Man with the Golden Bum" invites audiences to embrace the joy of laughter in a riotous journey through life's absurdities.

Join us for an unforgettable evening of vintage radio mayhem. Expect the unexpected and prepare to laugh until your sides ache. 

"The Man with the Golden Bum" is set to be a highlight of Barnstaple TheatreFest - don't miss out!